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Describir acciones presente en inglés

¿Cómo Describir en inglés acciones que están ocurriendo en el momento de hablar?

Forma afirmativa

I AM - Estoy

HE IS - Está                         SLEEPING = durmiendo

THEY ARE - Están


Un periodista está transmitiendo en directo la llegada del presidente.

Good evening. It's half past six and I'm here at Kennedy Airport. The President and his wife are coming from Sidney. The plane is arriving now... well, we're waiting and watching... Ah, the door is opening. The President and his wife are coming out. The President's wife is wearing a pretty hat. We can see them now.

Some reporters are taking photographs of them. Others are asking them some questions.

2.Read and Repeat

The President and his wife are coming.

The plane is arriving.

We are waiting and watching.

Some reporters are taking photographs. Others are asking them some questions.

Forma negativa

I AM                                                                   estoy

HE IS                     NOT SLEEPING = No         está                      durmiendo

WE ARE                                                             están

**Fijate que para la forma negetiva se aflade not al auxiliar be.

  • Read and repeat

They are playing football.
They are not playing tennis.

He is smoking a cigarette.
He S not smoking a cigar.

The children are swimming in the swimming pool.
They are not swimming in the sea.

They are watching TV.
They are not playing.

He is washing his car.
He Is not washing his clothes.

Forma interrogativa

AM I                                                    ¿Estoy

IS HE                    SLEEPING =         ¿Está                     durmiendo?

ARE THEY                                          ¿Están


Harry y Wendy están metidos en un caso de espionaje industrial. Wendy sigue a una sospechosa y llama a Harry pare informarle.

Wendy: Hello, Wendy Morgan speaking. Harry, can you hear me?

Harry: Yes, Wendy, Where are you? Are you phoning from a telephone-box?

Wendy: Oh, yes, I am. I'm In Turnpike Street, near the post-office.

Harry: Are you watching Gloria Morgan?

Wendy: Yes, I am. I can see her. She's sitting in a café opposite the telephone-box. She's having a coffee. Oh, hero is Randall Jones. He's going into the cafe. He's walking towards' Terry's table...

Harry: Wendy, are you there? What are they doing? Are they talking?

Wendy: No, They aren't. The waiter is bringing Randall a beer now. Randall is lighting' a cigarette and he's drinking his beer.

Harry: Is he looking at Gloria?

Wendy: No, no. He isn't. Wait a moment! Now he's standing up. he's paying the waiter and he's leaving.

Harry: Is Gloria leaving too?

Wendy: No. she isn't. She's still sitting. Oh, Harry, the lighter!' It's still on the table. Now Gloria is picking it up*: she's opening her handbag and she's putting it inside. Now, she's leaving. Harry, I'm sure there's a micro-chip' in the lighter. I'm leaving, Harry. I'm following' her. Bye...

Read and repeat

Are you phoning from a telephone-box? Yes. I am.
Are you watching Gloria Morgan? Yes. I am.
Are they talking? No. they aren't.
Is he looking at Gloria? No. he isn't.
Is Gloria leaving. too? No, she isn't.

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