El Imperativo en Inglés - Imperative

Dar órdenes e instrucciones


Liza: Claire, be careful! Don't play with that, darling.

Claire: Yes, it's nice

Liza: Stop it, Claire! Don't touch it! Come here!

Claire: No, no, no

Liza: Don't talk like that to me! come on, Claire! be a good girl and play with this box.


be careful! - ¡ten cuidado!
be a good girl! - ¡se una buena chica!
darling - cariño

Para la forma afirmativa se utiliza el infinitivo:

Infinitivo: To look (mirar) - Imperativo: Look! (¡Mira!)

Infinitivo: To run (correr) - Imperativo: Run! (¡Corre!)

Para la forma negativa se antepone do not (don't) al imperativo:

Don't look! - ¡No mires!

Don't run! - ¡No corras!

El imperativo se utiliza:

  • Para dar ordenes:

Stop that ball! - ¡Para esa pelota!
Don't touch that! - ¡No toques eso!

  • Para dar instrucciones de cómo hacer algo:

Put the flour in a bowl, break the eggs... - Ponga la harina en un cuenco, rompa los huevos...

  • Para dar instrucciones de cómo llegar a un lugar:

Go along this street, turn left... - Sigue/siga por esta calle, tuerce/tuerza a la izquierda...


Helen: Hello, Andrew, can I help you?
Andrew: Yes, of course. Here's a picture of my mother. Put it in the photograph album, Helen.
Helen: On a new page?
Andrew: Yes, please.
Helen: Give me that old photograph over there.
Andrew: Who are they?
Helen: They're your aunt Sharon and your uncle George.
Andrew: Good, put them on this page and write their names under them.
Helen: Look at this, Andrew. It's very interesting.
Andrew: What is it? Give it to me.
Helen: It's an old photograph of us.