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Routine and spare time - Usos del lenguaje

Iniciación al inglés – Repaso de conceptos para conversaciones básicas

Rutina diaria

He reads a lot. She doesn't.

I go shopping...

What do you do...?

I don't listen to the radio... every day, in the evenings, at night...


I'm reading.

What are you doing?

What's he writing...?

Now, at the moment, this morning...


  • Durante el día:

Bye; Good-bye; See you soon; Cheerio!

  • Por la noche:

Good night


How do you go to work? (habitualmente)

- I go by bus / car / underground...

- I walk.

Gustos y preferencias

I love

You hate > children, cats, pottery, them

They don't like > children, cats, pottery, them

(personas, animales o cosas, en general)

He doesn't mind going to concerts.

Does she like walking?

He loves playing tennis.

(hacer cosas, habitualmente)

Comer, beber, tomar...

Un solo verbo: to have (sin got)

l have coffee every morning.

She has lunch at a restaurant on Mondays. |


Does Katie have lunch at home every day? No, she doesn't.

John has a shower early in the morning.

Saber o no saber (hacer algo)

What can they do? What can't they do?

You can cook - I can't read English

Can he swim? - She can't speak German

¿A qué distancia está...?

How far is the town / the cinema / your work?

It isn't very far / It's quite near / It's 2 kilometres from here.

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