describir entorno

Leer atentamente:

My street is wide and long. There is a bank in my street. There is a post office and there are two shops. There is a bus-stop and there are some trees.

Para preguntar:

Para responder:

Leer este diálogo:

Agent: This is a nice flat, Miss Evans. Here's a plan. There's a livingroom, a kitchen, a diningroom, a bathroom and there are two bedrooms.

Miss Evans: Is there a garden?

Agent: No, there isn't.

Miss Evans: And... a garage?

Agent: No, there isn't a garage.

There is - There are

Corresponden a la forma impersonal "hay"

Forma afirmativa:

There is a living room.

There are two bedrooms.

Forma negativa:

There isn't a balcony.

There aren't two bathrooms.

Forma interrogativa:

Is there a balcony?

Are there two bathrooms?


Singular: Yes there is - No, there isn't

Plural: Yes, there are - No, there aren't

-Puedes usar la forma contracta there's para conversación o en escritos coloquiales.

En las respuestas cortas afirmativas emplea siempre las formas plenas.