Recursos y materiales gratis en inglés, para Halloween 🎃

Are you looking for devilish activity ideas? Our creative activities will allow you to create a Halloween costume for your children or a Halloween decoration worthy of the scariest haunted house with its inevitable pumpkin lantern, cobwebs, zombies and hanging witches.

You'll also find a candy bag for trick-or-treating door-to-door, games, macabre recipe ideas and a list of movies to watch on Halloween night.

Every year, Halloween is celebrated on October 31. But what exactly do we know about the Halloween date? How was this date chosen and what does it have to do with All Saints' Day? History and origin of Halloween. Find a lot of information about the date of Halloween.

  1. The Samain, ancestor of Halloween and All Saints' Day
  2. Discover the legend of Jack O'Lantern
  3. What are the symbols of Halloween?
  4. The Halloween costume, a thousand-year-old tradition
  5. The true story of Halloween

Activity ideas to prepare your Halloween night! A night that can give you chills.

  1. Bingos en Inglés Halloween - Bingos in English for Halloween

  2. Canciones en Inglés para Halloween - Songs in English for Halloween

  3. Cartel en Inglés Halloween - Halloween poster

  4. Cuentos en Inglés para HalloweenStories in English for Halloween

  5. Flashcards en Inglés para Halloween  - Flashcards in English for Halloween

  6. Fichas en Inglés Halloween  - Worksheets in English for Halloween

  7. Halloween recipes - Recetas para Halloween

  8. Dibujos en Inglés para colorear Halloween - Coloring sheets for Halloween in English

  9. Poesías en Inglés para Halloween poems for Halloween

  10. Sopas de letras en Inglés Halloween - Wordsearches for Halloween

  11. Recursos Educativos Halloween en español