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You can do it - Stories to Think About

If you think you're beaten,
you are.
If you think you don't dare,
you won't.
If you think you'd like to win but you can't,
you won't.
If you think you will lose,
you have already lost.

Because in the world you will find
that success begins
in the will of man
It's all in the state of mind.
For many a race has been lost
Before they have been run.

And many a coward has failed
Before they have begun their work.

Think big
and your achievements will be realised.
Think small
and you will be left behind.
If you think you are ahead,
you already are.

You have to be sure of yourself
before you try to win a prize.
Put your mind and your will
in a positive attitude.

The battle of life,
is not always won
the strongest man
or the lightest.

Because sooner or later
the man who wins
is the one who

C. Barnard

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