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Short Stories and Tales for Reflection - Sharpening the axe

A young man came to an area of the forest where there was an important lumber company to look for work. After meeting with the head of the logging team, he accepted the job without a second thought, seeing the boy's appearance and, above all, the strength of his arms.

On the first day of work in the woods, he put all his strength into it and cut down many trees. On the second day, he put in just as much effort and energy, but the result was disappointing: he only managed to fell half as many trees as on the previous day. On the third day, he thought he was just unlucky and that today he would break his own record. He hit and hit with all his fury, but only knocked down a couple of trees.

When the chief saw the young woodcutter's poor results, he asked him, "When did you last sharpen your axe? And the boy replied: "The truth is that, with so much work, I haven't had time to stop for a few minutes to do it.

And therein lay the problem. You don't always get the best results by working hard. It is a good strategy to stop for a moment and reflect on how we can improve our lives. By doing so, we will make much more progress and avoid frustration.

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