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Short Stories and Tales for Reflection - The pearl and the oyster

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A teacher was explaining to his most diligent pupil the origin of pearls:

-They are one of the most beautiful objects in nature but, paradoxically, they are the fruit of pain, of the wound caused inside them by the entry of a foreign substance. All it takes is for a tiny grain of sand to enter the shell for the nacre cells that cover them inside to begin to do their slow work, covering layer after layer of the invading body to protect the defenceless part of the oyster. The result of this "healed wound" will be the pearl.

-Something very similar happens to us humans," continued the professor to his student's puzzled face. -There are people who may say offensive words to us. At other times, they will accuse us of having said things that never came out of our mouths. We may even be subjected to another form of rejection, indifference. These are all wounds that will cause us a lot of pain.

-And what should we do to protect ourselves," asked the boy. To which the wise master replied:

-What you must do is to make your own pearl. By covering each of your wounds with love, forgiving and understanding, you will transform that pain into something very valuable.

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