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Children's stories - Partial truths

It is told that a prophet, surrounded by all his disciples, came to a city to spread his doctrines and make its inhabitants a little wiser. A few days after opening the doors of the school where he had settled, they were joined by a student who said: "Sir, in this city frivolity reigns, no one is interested in learning. If you intend to instil any ideas in their hearts, you will have your work cut out for you. The teacher, who was listening attentively, replied: "You are right".

That same day, another boy knocked at the door of this community and, with a broad smile, addressed the prophet with these words: "Sir, you have come to the ideal city to welcome you. Here the people here are burning with desire to know the true doctrine". The master smiled with pleasure and, again, commented: "You are right".

One of the disciples, disgruntled, said to the prophet: "Why do you always answer them the same thing? It cannot be that you are both right. To which the wise man replied: "Each man sees the world in a different way. Some see only the bad, others only the good. Do you think they are wrong? Don't think that I have been deceived, I have only been told an incomplete truth".

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