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A long time ago, on a beach battered by gigantic waves, there was a desperate seagull. She had just laid her eggs in the sand and the sea had snatched them away. Mother seagull dived into the sea to retrieve them and dipped into the sea again and again, but her attempts were in vain. Heartbroken, she implored the sea: "Please give me back my children. But the sea did not answer.

Tired of pleading, the bird issued this challenge: "If you take my children from me, I will dry you up. With my beak, I will draw water no matter how long it takes". Day and night until she almost collapsed, she persisted in her unachievable mission. Her tragic story touched the hearts of the local seagulls who, little by little, came together to help her until they formed an enormous flock, which went from the sea to the shore in an endless frenzy.

The Great Gull, who was watching everything from high in the sky, decided to come down to find out what was going on. As soon as he heard the story of the mother seagull and her lost children, he said to them all: "Let me talk to my friend the god of the ocean and he will bring back the eggs". And so he did. But since then the seagulls have learned a great lesson: by fighting together we can achieve things that we can never achieve alone.

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