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He was a renowned teacher; one of those teachers who run after fame and like to accumulate more and more disciples. In a huge tent, he gathered several hundred disciples and followers. He stood up, raised his voice and said:

-My beloved, listen to the voice of him who knows.

There was a great silence. You could have heard a gnat flying.

-You must never associate with another man's wife; never. Nor should you ever drink alcohol, or eat meat.

One of the assistants dared to ask:

-The other day, weren't you the one who was hugging Jai's wife?

-Yes, I was," replied the master.

Then another listener asked:

-"Weren't you drinking in the tavern the other night?

-That was me," replied the master.

A third man questioned the master:

-Wasn't it you who were eating meat in the market the other day?

-Yes," said the master.

At that moment, all the people present were indignant and began to protest.

-Then why do you ask us not to do what you do?

And the false teacher replied:

-Because I teach, but I do not practice.

Anonymous Hindu

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