a birthday

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A Birthday

Today is Jimmy's birthday. He's having a party. His mother is making some sandwiches. His father is putting cokes and lemonades on the table.

Now Jimmy's friends are coming to the party. John and Sue give a big box to Jimmy. 

-What is it?- asks Jimmy.

-Open it and see- says John.

-Don't open it now-, says Sue.

-Put it in your room and open it after the party. Why?- asks Jimmy.

-I want to see it now-. Jimmy opens the box. All the children are looking at Jimmy's present. There is only a piece of cake in the box.

-Where's the rest of the cake?- asks Jimmy's father.

Sue looks at Jimmy and says: -It's in my tummy's father. Sue looks at Jimmy and says: -It's in my tummy. You see, it's six o'clock and I always have supper at five-.

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