Dictados en Inglés - Dictates in English

Recursos educativos en inglés

Pequeños textos en inglés, idoneos para dictados y traducciones. Ideal para aprender inglés, con el vocabulario, practicando la pronunciación y mucho más, de una manera divertida.

The British Isles

This is a map of the British Isles. There are two important islands. Great Britain and Ireland. In Great Britain there are three countries: England, Scotland and Wales.

To foreigners England is the whole island because it is very big. This is a mistake. Scottish, Welsh and Irish people are not English. They are British.

The northern part of Ireland is Ulster. It belongs to the United Kingdom. The southern part of the island is Eire and it is independent.

The United Kingdom is a democracy. The head of the State is Queen Elizabeth II. She reigns, but does not govern. There is a parliament with many members. The Prime Minister is the Head of the Government.


A letter

Luis is in England. He is following a course in English. He writes a letter to his parents:

Dear Dad and Mum,

I am learning a lot of English. I can say many things. For example, I can greet my friends in English and ask for food. I like English food very much, but I prefer Spanish food. I miss Spanish omelettes and paella. I have many English friends and I play with them. The course is finishing soon. Next month I’ll be with you again.

Love from


The Trojan Horse

The trojans and the Greeks are at war.
This is the Trojan horse. The Greeks are building it to get inside the walls of Troy.
Some Greak soldiers will get into the horse, then they will give it as a present to the Trojans.
At night the Greek soldiers will come out of the horse and destroy the city.