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Safer Internet Day, 8 February

Safe Internet Day is a major event, which was proposed by the INSAFE network and supported by the European Union. It is celebrated on the second day of the second week of the second month of the year, i.e. the second Tuesday of February.

More than 100 countries around the world celebrate this day whose main objective is to raise awareness of the importance of making the Internet a safer digital platform.

Since 2004, this initiative has mobilised millions of people around the world to promote and discuss the correct use of the Internet, especially for children and young people, as they are the most vulnerable population.

Safer Internet Day and aims to raise awareness of responsible and safe behaviour on the web. This is the 18th edition organised by the European Commission, with over 110 countries proposing projects.

It is also an opportunity to raise awareness among young internet users and their families about their rights, duties and responsibilities when surfing the internet.

We need to equip children and encourage young people to think about the consequences of their actions on the internet so that they learn to manage the risks and maximise the opportunities of their online experience.

The internet is an integral part of the daily lives of the vast majority of the population, it is a great communication tool: it allows instant dialogue, exchange of ideas, content, networking and bonding. All these uses cannot be made without respecting certain rights and duties.

How to celebrate International Safer Internet Day?

To celebrate International Safer Internet Day, you can start today by simply raising awareness among your family and friends of the importance of educating people on the correct use of the Internet.

Above all, give priority to children and young people as they are the most susceptible once they come into contact with these technological media.

On the other hand, if you are a parent, talk to your children about the importance of responsible use of the Internet and the different social networks that are known today, which have been created to offer their users a better quality of life. #SaferInternetDay

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