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Left-handed people are exceptional

There are many theories about left-handedness: it has always been believed that left-handed people are more talented than right-handed people. Leonardo da Vinci, Mozart, Aristotle, Nicola Tesla, Michelangelo, Picasso and Aristotle were left-handed, and this does not seem to be an accident. Even in popular myths and common sayings, being left-handed was synonymous with cunning, intelligence and ingenuity. However, many studies have also been conducted to understand whether there is a real and demonstrable difference between left-handers and non-left-handers and a relationship between intelligence and the use of the left hand.

For science, however, there is no doubt: left-handed people are exceptional. Hand preference is, in fact, a manifestation of brain function and left-handers have a more developed right hemisphere of the brain. The right hemisphere is specialised in particular processes, such as spatial reasoning and the ability to produce mental representations of objects. In left-handed people, the bundle of cells connecting the two hemispheres of the brain is larger, indicating that their hemispheres communicate better and are therefore able to process information at a higher level. As a result, left-handed people are more original, intelligent and creative. According to research conducted by St. Lawrence University in New York, there is a majority of left-handers among all people with a high IQ.

We mentioned earlier the great people in our history: research has suggested that left-handed people may be better artists than right-handed people, that they are more attracted to technology, that they are better problem solvers. There is also a relationship between left-handedness and mathematical ability. A study conducted about 30 years ago showed that left-handed people were better at mathematics than the rest of the population. The differences with right-handed people also appear in sports: in some sports, such as tennis and boxing, left-handed people have an advantage.

But that's not all: left-handed people also have better speaking skills because the brain uses both hemispheres during a speech. Even though many left-handed people still have to learn to use their right hand in everyday activities, there is no doubt about it: according to science, left-handed people have exceptional characteristics.

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