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Tips for choosing your mobile phone

The mobile phone is the ultimate communication tool. As well as making it easy to send text messages, it is used for many things these days. A mobile phone is used to take photos and videos, to surf the internet, to listen to music, etc. In general, smartphones are increasingly used to meet a wide range of needs. But how do you choose the right mobile phone for you? Here are 2 tips to follow!

Consider the purpose of your mobile phone

Finding the right phone for you means taking your needs into account. It's important to recognise that not everyone has similar uses for a mobile phone. So you need to determine exactly what your needs are to find the right mobile phone for you.

With the evolution of technology, classic phones are disappearing. They are being replaced by the new technological gems such as the Apple iPhone. Do you only need a smartphone for texting and making calls? Or do you just need a mobile phone to check your emails or surf the internet? The answers to these questions will help you choose the most appropriate mobile phone for your situation.

Find out about the operating system of the chosen mobile phone

The choice of the right smartphone also depends on the choice of operating system. There are four different operating systems, namely :

  • Apple's iOS
  • Google's Android
  • Microsoft's Windows Phone
  • BlackBerry OS

All of these operating systems differ from each other in several ways. These include user experience, usability, number of applications available for download and functionality.

Apple's iOS

iOS is an operating system offered by Apple exclusively on the cheap iPhone, unlike Android which is available from a large number of manufacturers. Apple's smartphones are very popular with consumers because of the interface it offers, which makes it easier and more fluid to use.

Google's Android

Android is the most widely used operating system as it is equipped on many smartphones (80% of smartphones). For this concept, Google has proposed a fluid and customisable interface. Google Android is equipped with numerous services, including the Google PlayStore, which provides access to a multitude of applications.

Microsoft's Windows Phone

Windows Phone is the Microsoft operating system found on most computers. It is less widespread on mobiles, although it has an intuitive interface. This type of operating system has fewer applications than the previous two.

BlackBerry OS

BlackBerry OS is the operating system for BlackBerry mobile devices. Of course, it is an OS that differs from others because of the more basic interface that is integrated. For this concept, BlackBerry has set up a platform called BlackBerry App World for downloading applications.

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