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Water is a precious resource that sustains life on our planet. Every year on World Water Day, we are reminded of the importance of conserving and protecting this vital resource. It is a day to raise awareness about the challenges we face in managing water resources and to promote sustainable practices to ensure that future generations have access to clean and safe water.

In honor of World Water Day, I would like to share a story about a wise old man who teaches a village the importance of respecting and conserving their water source. This story shows us that even small actions can make a big difference in protecting our planet's precious resources. So, sit back, relax, and let me take you on a journey to a small village where water is the key to life.

The Wise Old Man and the Village's Water - Stories about Water

Once upon a time, in a small village, there was a wise old man who lived by a beautiful river. The river was the life source for the entire village, and everyone relied on it for drinking water, irrigation for their crops, and bathing.

One year, the village experienced a terrible drought, and the river started to dry up. The villagers were devastated and didn't know what to do. They went to the old man for advice, and he told them that they needed to respect the water and use it wisely.

He gathered all the villagers together and explained to them that they must work together to save the river. He suggested that they build a dam to store the water and only use what they needed. The villagers listened to his wise words and agreed to work together.

They all worked tirelessly for days, building the dam and fixing leaks in their irrigation systems. They started to use the water wisely, only taking what they needed and not wasting any. Slowly but surely, the river began to flow again.

The villagers were overjoyed, and they threw a big celebration to thank the old man and each other for their hard work. They realized that they could all make a difference in protecting the water and ensuring that it would continue to sustain their village for generations to come.

From that day forward, the villagers always remembered the lesson they learned about respecting and conserving the water. They made sure to use it wisely, and they continued to work together to ensure that their river would always flow strong.

And so, the village lived in harmony with the water, and the old man's wise words continued to guide them for many years to come.


The story of the wise old man and the village's water reminds us that water is a precious resource that must be treated with respect and care. It shows us that by working together and using water wisely, we can ensure that it continues to sustain us for generations to come.

On World Water Day, let us remember the lessons from this story and commit to doing our part in conserving and protecting our planet's water resources. Whether it's turning off the tap while brushing our teeth, fixing leaks in our homes, or supporting organizations working to provide clean water to those in need, every action counts.

Let us work together to ensure that clean and safe water is accessible to all, and let us never forget that our actions today will impact the water resources available to future generations.

Poems in English for Water Day

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Exercises in English based on the story "The Wise Old Man and the Village's Water":

Reading comprehension questions:

  • a. What was the life source for the village?
  • b. What problem did the village experience?
  • c. What was the advice given by the old man?
  • d. How did the villagers respond to the old man's advice?
  • e. What did the villagers do to save the river?
  • f. How did the village celebrate their success?
  • g. What lesson did the villagers learn about water conservation?
  • h. What did the village do to ensure that their water source would always flow strong?

Vocabulary matching:

Match the following words with their definitions.

  • Drought
  • Irrigation
  • Dam
  • Conservation
  • Sustain
  • Leaks
  • Harmony

a. The act of protecting and preserving something.

b. A long period of time with little or no rain.

c. The act of supplying water to crops or plants.

d. A structure built across a river to hold back water.

e. To support or keep something going.

f. Holes or gaps where something can escape.

g. A state of peaceful coexistence.

Discussion questions:

a. Why is water conservation important?

b. What are some ways that you conserve water in your daily life?

c. Have you ever experienced a water shortage? How did you handle it?

d. How can we promote water conservation in our communities?

e. What can we do to ensure that clean and safe water is accessible to everyone?

I hope you find these exercises useful - Good luck!

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