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In a dense forest, surrounded by towering trees and bustling wildlife, a group of humans arrived with one intention: to exploit the forest for their own gain. What began as a search for wood soon turned into a destructive process, leaving the animals that called the forest their home scared and confused. However, hope came in the form of a wise old owl, who gathered the remaining animals and proposed a plan to restore their home. Together, the animals worked tirelessly to replant the trees that were destroyed, and their determination paid off as the forest began to flourish once again. This is the story of how a group of animals saved their beloved forest from destruction.

The Forest that was Saved by the Animals - Stories about forests

Once upon a time, there was a dense forest that was home to many different creatures. The forest was a beautiful place, filled with tall trees that reached up to the sky, birds singing their songs, and small animals scurrying about on the forest floor.

One day, a group of humans came to the forest. They were looking for wood to build their homes and to fuel their fires. They began cutting down the trees, and soon, large areas of the forest were destroyed.

The animals that lived in the forest were scared and confused. They didn't understand why their home was being destroyed. The birds stopped singing, and the animals stopped scurrying about. The once-beautiful forest was now a desolate place.

As time went on, the humans continued to cut down the trees. The animals were forced to flee their homes, and many of them didn't survive. The forest was no longer a place of life and beauty, but rather a place of death and destruction.

One day, a wise old owl came to the forest. The owl had lived in many different forests over the years and had seen firsthand the damage that humans could cause. The owl knew that something needed to be done to save the forest.

The owl gathered together all of the animals that were left in the forest. They held a meeting to discuss what they could do to save their home. The animals decided to work together to replant the trees that had been cut down.

Over time, the forest began to come back to life. The animals worked tirelessly to plant new trees, and soon the forest was once again a beautiful and vibrant place. The birds began to sing again, and the animals started to return to their homes.

The humans who had once destroyed the forest were amazed at what they saw. They couldn't believe that the forest had been restored to its former glory. They realized that they had been wrong to destroy the forest and vowed to never do it again.

And so, the forest was saved, thanks to the hard work and determination of the animals that called it home. The forest continued to thrive, and the animals lived happily ever after.


In the end, the animals' determination to save their home from destruction proved to be a powerful force. Through hard work and collaboration, they were able to replant the trees and restore the forest to its former beauty. The humans who once sought to exploit the forest were humbled by what they saw and vowed to never make the same mistake again. The animals that called the forest their home could once again live happily, surrounded by the tall trees and bustling wildlife. This story serves as a reminder of the importance of protecting our natural world and working together to make a positive impact on the environment.


Comprehension questions:

  • a. What did the humans come to the forest for?
  • b. How did the animals feel when the humans started cutting down the trees?
  • c. What did the wise old owl do to help the animals?
  • d. What did the animals decide to do to save their home?
  • e. How did the forest change over time?


a. Find the words or phrases in the story that mean:

a place where animals live

destroyed or empty

having a lot of energy and activity

the process of planting trees

the state of being beautiful and full of life

b. Use the words in sentences of your own.


  • a. How do you feel about the humans cutting down the trees in the forest?
  • b. What do you think the animals could have done differently to protect their home?
  • c. How can we as humans help protect our natural world?
  • d. Have you ever participated in a conservation project or activity? What did you learn from the experience?

Creative writing:

  • a. Write a continuation of the story where the animals encounter another challenge to their home and how they overcome it.
  • b. Write a story from the perspective of one of the animals in the forest, describing their experiences during the destruction and restoration of their home.

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