Ratio: 2 / 5

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Meat Feast - Carne Fiesta - Gastronomía Canaria

Meat feast - Carne fiesta

Chop one kilo of pork meat very finely. Prepare a marinade with six garlic cloves, cooking salt, a few spoons of cayenne pepper, a little bit of hot pepper, a little bit of strong white wine, vinegar and oil.

Ratio: 5 / 5

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Eggs Moles - Huevos Moles - Gastronomía Canaria

Eggs Moles - Huevos moles

There are several ways of cooking this recipe, but they have all the same base: two spoonfuls of sugar per yolk. Put some sugar into a dish and double the volume of water to make a very sweet syrup.

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Coriander Mojo - Mojo de Cilantro - Gastronomía Canaria

Coriander mojo - Mojo de cilantro

Mash the cloves of one garlic bulb with a green hot pepper, or a little bit of it, without the seeds. Add cumin, coriander and cooking salt to this mixture. Then, add slowly the oil and the vinegar. Keep it in a fresh place or in the fridge. This 'mojo' is good for fish.