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A mother was once asked which was her favourite child, the one she loved the most. And she, with a hint of a smile, replied:

"Nothing is more fickle than a mother's heart". And, as a mother, she replied:

The favourite child, the one to whom I devote myself body and soul, is the sick child, until I manage to cure him.

He is the one who is far from home, until he returns.

He is the one who is tired, until he rests.

He who is hungry, until he is fed.

He who is thirsty, until he can drink.

He who is studying, until he learns.

He who is naked, until he finds clothes to wear.

He who does not work, until he finds a decent job.

He who has a girlfriend, until he finally gets married.

He who marries, until he settles down to live together.

He who has made a promise, until he keeps it.

He who is a father, while he raises his children.

He who incurs a debt, until he pays it off.

He who weeps, until he finds solace.

And, with a countenance quite different from that smile, he finished:

He who is no longer with us, until I have him before me again.

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