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Zero Discrimination Day - 1 March

Zero Discrimination Day is celebrated on 1 March, with the aim of standing up to discrimination of any kind. All people have unique talents, which can help and strengthen the goals of their countries. No matter how different they look or their tastes and preferences. All human beings enjoy the same rights.

This is stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and no one has the power to take those rights away from other individuals, much less because of their race, gender, sexual preference, religious beliefs or cognitive limitations, just to name a few of the reasons that are used to discriminate against another individual.

The main objective of this day is to stop acts of discrimination that may be occurring in schools, workplaces, health centres, communities and so on.

Every time an individual or group of individuals is rejected, social cohesion is weakened, the development of communities is slowed down and the lives of all may be threatened.

Given that this celebration is promoted and encouraged by UNAIDS, we will say that in the cases of people with HIV, the fear of discrimination makes these people prefer not to treat the disease in order to go unnoticed, which inevitably leads to early death and the spread of the AIDS epidemic.

So this coming 1 March, stand up to discrimination, either physically or through social media, by sharing messages to reduce prejudice in society with the hashtag #ZeroDiscrimination

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