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Canciones para Niños en Inglés: Alfabeto - Songs for Children in English: Alphabet

Let's Alphabetize

With your body you can do most anything
Anything you want to do
You can run and jump and even sing
It's all up to you.

Now you tell me that you want to learn your ABC's
When we give it a try it's so easy you'll see
We're gonna learn now from A to Z
Come on and Alphabetize
A B C D - Twist your body
E F G - To the b-b-b-beat
H I J K - Bend your waist
L M N O P - And touch your feet
Q R S - Straighten up now
T U V - And clap your hands
W X - Play guitar now
Y & Z - You're in the b-b-b-band
Now I know my A B C's
Next time won't you sing with me.

Now you tell me that you can learn your A B C's
And when you give it a try it's so easy to be
Learning all about them A to Z
Come on and Alphabetize.

Thanks so much to nany83 for sending in this song!

Canciones para niños en inglés para aprender el abecedario. Ideales para favorecer el aprendizaje del idioma, adquirir vocabulario, practicar la pronunciación, etc.

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