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How do pets bring people health and happiness?

Pets: science reveals all their benefits

Pets are like medicine on legs and are great companions at any age. They help us to be more active and therefore reduce the risk of disease, but also to feel good about ourselves. And science has proven it!

Thanks to numerous studies on the subject, researchers have repeatedly proven that pets are great health allies in everyday life. Whether for the young, the active or even the elderly, dogs and cats contribute to our well-being and protect us from many diseases. They are also vectors of social bonding and sometimes participate in the emergence of beautiful relationships. Let's take a closer look at all the benefits that these fur balls bring us.

Extraordinary companions for children

Animals and children have a lot to share, it's obvious! From their earliest years (seven or eight months), toddlers are able to become aware of the presence of a dog or cat in their environment and therefore interact with it. In the case of toddlers, the animal plays a role in providing security and comfort, thus becoming an exceptional companion. This is why the bonds can sometimes be very strong. As they grow up, children learn more quickly to take responsibility in the presence of their good friend. It gives them confidence and helps them to grow up well. Animals also help to strengthen the immune system of young children. According to a Swedish study, babies who are in daily contact with a dog or cat are 33% less likely to develop allergies or suffer from respiratory infections.

Prevention of cardiovascular disease

In adults too, the daily company of a pet has been widely proven. Dog owners reduce the risk of premature death by 33% and the risk of cardiovascular disease by 11%. These data can be explained by the fact that people living with a dog are more active than others, with pet walks contributing to more regular physical exercise, i.e. about thirty minutes more per week than non-owners.

Better still, the company of a canine could make you ten years younger! Yes, according to an English study, people over 65 who make more physical effort by walking their little companion are as fit as someone ten years younger. This pace of life is said to prevent heart, muscle and bone disease.

Social bonding and high morale

Finally, studies have also shown that the human-animal relationship contributes to increasing self-esteem, feeling useful and less depressed when it comes to overcoming a difficult moment. It has also been proven that animals are stress reducers, that they allow us to get out of isolation, especially for the elderly, and that they help us express our emotions. For example, 68% of senior citizens say they feel better mentally and physically thanks to their furry friend. It is not for nothing that pet therapy is currently a great success and that more and more retirement homes are using animal mediation! In addition, the adoption of a cat or a dog also promotes social interaction. According to the results of an Australian and American study, dating from 2015, 80% of the people questioned acknowledged that their pet had enabled them to meet and talk with their neighbours or people in their neighbourhood. Some of them, 37%, have even found love thanks to their doggie or cat!

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