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What to do when faced with a megalomaniac?

Megalomania is quite common. It can be very annoying for those around you. Tips for living with a megalomaniac.

What is megalomania?

Megalomania corresponds to a hypertrophied pride. This psychopathological illness is part of the narcissistic personality. It is expressed by an overestimation of oneself which makes the megalomaniac attribute prestigious actions, exceptional gifts, unlimited love affections, unsuspected wealth.

Megalomania is often the result of a narcissistic personality disorder. It may be reinforced by paranoia or schizophrenia.

Megalomania, to varying degrees, is quite common. This self-expansion is quite exemplary in artists, dictators and great politicians. As our society pushes individuals to become more and more self-centred, megalomaniacs are becoming more and more numerous.

Megalomania is often linked to emotional deficiencies in childhood, where self-esteem could not be acquired in a solid way.

The symptoms of megalomania

A megalomaniac feels superior, more talented, more beautiful, more important than everyone else. He or she thinks that he or she has the glory and the power. He or she is often delusional and delusions of grandeur. One megalomaniac thinks he is a great actor, another sees himself as Napoleon Bonaparte! In extreme cases, megalomaniacs have hallucinations.

Cognitive and behavioural therapies can improve the behaviour of megalomaniacs. Psychoanalysis can also help. But most of the time the megalomaniac does not seek treatment because he/she thinks he/she is better than the therapists!

Living with a megalomaniac is complicated

Megalomaniacs think that they are entitled to everything. They believe that they can do anything they want and that their desires must always be fulfilled. Opposing them can lead to crises. The people around them are at their disposal. Megalomaniacs lack empathy. They are so focused on themselves that they do not pay attention to the feelings of others.

In addition, megalomaniacs are haughty, arrogant, and need to be admired.

All this makes them difficult people to deal with, whether in a family, friendship or professional setting!

What to do when faced with a megalomaniac?

If you have a megalomaniac in your circle, show approval only when it is sincere and deserved and explain why others do not find them as exceptional as they think.

If you want to criticise her, it is better not to attack her as a person but to criticise one of her behaviours in particular.

Be aware of her attempts to manipulate you, whether through fear ("Be careful if you..."), flattery ("You are the best") or guilt ("After all I have done for you...").

Do not expect reciprocity, give and take. The megalomaniac expects to receive a lot, but will not give you back what you give, because everything is due to them, they deserve what you give them.

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