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5 ideas to celebrate Valentine's Day

February is the month to celebrate love with Valentine's Day. Here are some simple ideas to celebrate your union.

Decorate the house

You don't necessarily have to go far from home to celebrate love!

To make Valentine's Day special and to surprise your partner when he or she gets home from work, redecorate the house. Balloons, garlands, special crockery, etc. will give a special atmosphere to the house and will allow you to stand out from the ordinary.

Make a nice declaration

Proving your love with gifts is fine, but saying it in a flamboyant way is deliciously retro and romantic.

Why not write a poem or, for those with a strong artistic sense, make a painting or drawing? It takes a few days/weeks of planning, but the gift will be appreciated for the personal investment it requires.

An unusual experience for two

To celebrate love, there's nothing better than to escape from everyday life for two if time and budget allow.

Opt for unusual stays: in a yurt, in the trees, in an igloo, etc. Unusual experiences lasting a day or a few hours are also possible and are now available from around 30 euros.

Putting spices on the menu

Eating pasta on Valentine's Day is not the most glamorous thing in the world, but eating tagliatelle deliciously flavoured with spices and accompanied by sautéed prawns makes perfect sense.

Cooking spices that you are not used to will be a surprise, and even more so if you decide to cook spices that are known for their aphrodisiac powers, such as pepper, cayenne pepper, etc.

Going away as a couple

If you have the opportunity, organise a trip to a totally different region or country, such as the Nordic countries, where you can warm up together...

Without having to travel many kilometres, you can also find a complete change of scenery in themed holidays (SPA, trekking), even if it is a place close to home, the aim is to share a moment and activities together.

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