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How to celebrate your first valentine's day?

Celebrating Valentine's Day with your lover for the first time is bound to be a special occasion, so this year we're going all out!

You love love love, you love this holiday, or on the contrary you hate it but you tell yourself that it would be nice to mark your first Valentine's Day with your beloved. Well YES, you're right! And even if you don't know yet if your sweetheart loves or hates Valentine's Day, now is the time to find out...

Because yes, celebrating Valentine's Day for the first time is not only for those who are new to love, but also for those who are in a relationship with someone they have never celebrated Valentine's Day with.

You may have celebrated it over and over again; it will never be like the ones you have experienced, because every person and every situation is different.

So if you're here, you know what I mean and you're ready to plan your first perfect Valentine's Day!

How do I celebrate my first Valentine's Day?

To begin with, try to find out a little bit about your partner's view of Valentine's Day, so that you can aim for the right thing on your first Valentine's Day as a lover.

If your loved one loves this holiday, has been waiting for ages and February is their favourite month, it's time to get to work on the perfect romantic evening for your first Valentine's Day. If you also love Valentine's Day, then you'll need to give her a real treat!

For those of you who don't think of Valentine's Day as the night of the year, celebrating your first Valentine's Day is still worth making an exception! Even if we don't doubt the burning passion that drives you at the beginning of a relationship ;) know that some people appreciate a small gesture to start a relationship. It's up to you to interpret the signals when you see them!

1 - The perfect romantic evening

You both love Valentine's Day, and February 14th is a date you particularly look forward to. This year is the first time you're celebrating Valentine's Day with your loved one and you want to go all out. From the living room and bedroom decorations to your table decorations, NOTHING is left to chance, and everything is done to create the most romantic atmosphere possible for your first Valentine's Day.

So for your first Valentine's Day, you should not skimp on the means, especially if your partner adores small romantic gestures.

We try to do it a little in advance to make a perfect decoration, so that he/she remembers his/her first Valentine's Day with you. Balloons in the shape of hearts, rose petals all over the place, roses in vases all over the entrance, so that when he/she comes in, he/she will discover the magic of Valentine's Day. Be careful, the flowers must be bought the same day as they are ephemeral.

You can also place candles here and there, or LED candles for a safer touch, on your furniture and also on your table. Nothing could be simpler than to immerse yourself in a cocoon-romantic atmosphere for your first Valentine's Day. For those of you who love the slightly too much side of Valentine's Day, don't hesitate! Valentine's Day is the evening of love and romance par excellence.

Of course, once you've decorated your living room and your entrance, you' re ready to decorate your table. As for the meal, whether homemade or ordered, avoid eating ingredients that are too heavy or difficult to digest... It would be a shame to spoil your first Valentine's Day! Especially if you have spent a lot of time making a beautiful room decoration for your lover.

Finally, don't forget to put a playlist in the background to make your first Valentine's Day even more perfect!

2 - The cocooning evening - Netflix for two

Tonight is your first Valentine's Day with your sweetheart, but romance is not necessarily your thing. However, you can treat yourself to an evening that is a little out of the ordinary.

Candlelit dinners and rose petals scattered everywhere are a bit too much for you.

You are rather fond of a good meal (of course a little more elaborate than usual) by the fire (for the lucky ones who have it ), with a nice cocooning table decoration that will put you at ease.

You'll end up on your first Valentine's Day with your other half on the sofa, wrapped up in a blanket, in front of a good Netflix series, or a movie you haven't seen yet. Nice, isn't it?

3 - A romantic evening, but not too much

You're not sure if your boyfriend or girlfriend is for or against Valentine's Day, so you decide to organise a small romantic evening for your first Valentine's Day, but sparingly!

You don't need to overdo it, just a few lit candles and some roses to get you in the romantic mood will do. The aim is not to scare her, if she's not into that...

As far as the meal is concerned, you can still make a nice table decoration, it's always nice, it's your first Valentine's Day after all! This delicate attention will always please him.

The treasure hunt

Do you really want to stand out on your first Valentine's Day? Organise a treasure hunt that reveals clues to the evening you have planned for him/her.

When he/she gets home, post post-its, or hang cards on heart-shaped helium balloons, to leave messages for them. You can also make a path to follow with post-its, alternating clues to your location with words of endearment.

Of course, don't use too many, but use enough to keep the suspense of your first Valentine's Day alive. You can also hide little gifts for him/her to discover as he/she solves the clues. Perfect for your first Valentine's Day, this idea will be original and will surprise her/him.

5 - Valentine's Day picnic at home

Yes, you can also have a picnic at home, and even more so to celebrate your first Valentine's Day! All you need is a pretty tablecloth to unfold on your coffee table, a few rose petals, a few candles for romance, some nice plates and cutlery and two glasses. A brunch, easy to eat, a good playlist in the background for a cosy atmosphere and you're all set for your first Valentine's Day!

6 - Romantic dinner in a restaurant

Do you want to take her to the best restaurant in town for your first Valentine's Day? Yes, don't wait any longer to make a reservation! Places are expensive and rare on Valentine's Day, so don't wait until the last moment to make a reservation and make it at least a few weeks in advance. Show him/her that you are organised and you will score points with him/her on your first Valentine's Day.

7 - Romantic weekend in a hotel or unusual place

If Valentine's Day falls on a Friday, or during the weekend, take the opportunity to take her on a romantic weekend for your first Valentine's Day! There's nothing nicer than getting away from it all for a few days with your partner.

Choose a romantic hotel, or a night in an unusual place, an igloo, a cabin, ..., the choice is yours! Of course, don't hesitate to personalise the place where you are with romantic touches for your first Valentine's Day! She/he will remember it all her life.

8 - Relaxation day at the SPA

For your first Valentine's Day, after a hard day, offer her a moment of relaxation just for two at the SPA. There's nothing better than taking some time for yourself, to relax, while being in the company of your loved one.

If you are lucky and have a jacuzzi at home, you can decorate it with candles and rose petals. A nice romantic atmosphere for your first Valentine's Day.

9 - Go dancing!

For your first Valentine's Day, if you and your other half like to dance, it's time to go dancing together and have a fun time together!

You can also take a dance class together for your first Valentine's Day!

10 - Romantic picnic

Forget the restaurant and organise a romantic picnic to celebrate your first Valentine's Day with your partner. Take him/her to a heavenly setting if you can, with a beautiful sunset to boot.

Get out a nice tablecloth, plates and cutlery, and snuggle up together with a glass of champagne while admiring the view. Don't forget to take some candles to create a cosy-romantic atmosphere, perfect for a superb first Valentine's Day.

11 - Reliving the first date

Yes, now you can say it, it's your wife or husband! Of course it doesn't change that much, you loved him/her before he/she was, and you love him/her more every day, but this year is still your first Valentine's Day as husband and wife, so it's still symbolic.

Why not relive your first date with your husband/wife on your first Valentine's Day as husband and wife? Go back to the place where you first saw each other, or go back to the first restaurant you went to together.

Go to the place where your love story started, and relive all your memories, share your first impressions, what you felt at that moment, how you found him/her, and compare yourself to today, how your style of dress has evolved for example.

12 - Romantic bath

Your wife or husband is going to come home tired from his day. You have an hour or two before he/she gets home, so you can pamper your spouse by preparing a romantic bath for your first Valentine's Day as a couple.

To announce this surprise, you can make a path of rose petals through your house, up to your bathroom, with some candles. You can also leave her little love notes, which she/he will find along the way.

Gift ideas for Valentine's Day

Classic gifts

For Her

  • A bouquet of roses
  • A piece of jewellery
  • A perfume
  • Lingerie
  • A beauty box

For him

  • A beautiful watch
  • Personalised boxer shorts
  • Personalised socks
  • A perfume

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