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Things to do on valentine's day

Love is something you nurture every day, not just on February 14th. Here's a little list of things to do for each other, to keep the flame alive and to love each other forever. There's no need to wait for Valentine's Day to do something nice for each other.

Here are some suggestions for sprinkling a little love into your daily life:

- Send her a romantic or "caliente" message by email or text.

- Leave a note in his bag or briefcase for him to discover at work.

- Wait for him in a nice outfit.

- Prepare a great evening for him (his favourite restaurant, a match...).

- Take a trip in a hot air balloon.

- Buying/cooking their favourite food/drink/dish (chocolate, sweets...).

- Relieve him/her of a task he/she hates.

- Invite him/her for a surprise lunch during his/her lunch break.

- Give them a massage.

- Spend the day in bed together.

- Cuddle up together after a cuddle.

- Doing an activity or signing up for a class together.

- Do something nice with his mother, his brother...

- Let him/her choose the movie of the evening.

- Welcome him/her like a prince when he/she comes home from work (a drink, a hot bath, ...).

- Offer or create a calendar or mug with your image on it.

- Plan a day dedicated entirely to him or her.

- Dream and talk together about the future (marriage, child...).

- Cover the bed with rose petals, deliver a bouquet or chocolate.

- Order a meal from your favourite caterer to be delivered to your office to give you courage when you have to work late.

- Buying a favourite perfume and placing it in the bathroom for him/her to discover.

- Set aside days to deal only with the couple.

- Introduce him/her to family/friends.

- Ask her/him to marry you.

- Organise a surprise picnic.

- Try new experiences together (bungee jumping, climbing, etc.).

- Designate a place that is part of your history (your favourite restaurant...).

- Share/exercise a keen interest in their passions from time to time, even if it's not really their cup of tea.

- Leave little notes or gifts (scented underwear, etc.) on the cushion when you are not there.

- Organise small weekends or trips for lovers.

- Go tandem riding.

- Go for a walk in nature together, watch the sunset.

Unique gift ideas to personalise for valentine's day

Valentine's Day is a unique date in the year, the perfect time to show your loved one how much you love them. But it's also the opportunity to give him or her a present that he or she will keep for life. Here are some unique Valentine's Day gift ideas for the person in your life.

  1. A blanket with photos of the two of you. All you have to do is select the photos of your fondest memories together to print them out and snuggle up in them on a winter's evening.
  2. An LED lamp with your image. Take your favourite photo, or your wedding photo, for example (if you're married), and turn it into a beautiful lamp that can light up all your romantic evenings.
  3. If you love fine wines and champagnes during your evenings together, then I have thought of the perfect gift for you. Why not adopt a vine for the two of you to taste together its nectar during the year?
  4. A great classic: the rose, yes, but under a bell so that it remains eternal like your love.

I hope this little list has inspired you, and don't hesitate to share it with your other half!

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