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Autumn" is the third of the 4 seasons that make up the year in temperate zones. It follows summer and arrives just before winter. Just like spring, it is a half season that lies between the hot summer and the cold winter. The date of autumn therefore varies from country to country. In the northern hemisphere of the planet, autumn is between the third and last quarter of the year and in the southern hemisphere, it is between the first and second quarter of the year.

Not all countries set the autumn on the same date, but most of them start with the autumn equinox, which usually takes place on 22 and 23 September depending on the year, and ends on 21 or 22 December to enter winter.

The weather changes during the autumn. Temperatures gradually drop and the days get shorter. The weather is increasingly cloudy and rain is becoming more common. It can even snow a little at the end of the season. utime announcement of the arrival of the cold season!

Otoño - Autumn - Fechas Especiales

The beginning of autumn is a delight when the days are very sunny and the temperatures are mild,. It is then a pleasure to enjoy nature and watch the flora and fauna change. After a rainy day, it is the occasion to go into the forest to gather mushrooms with friends.

This new season is an opportunity to propose new activities to the children. Autumn is a wonderful season for making crafts with berries, autumn fruits and leaves.

In this category you will find ideas for creative activities and crafts to do in autumn.

All activities are an opportunity for children to have fun and learn new things about this rich season.

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