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Christmas games that will guarantee an unforgettable evening

Want to add a good dose of fun and laughter to your Christmas parties? These 8 Christmas game ideas will guarantee a memorable evening.

1. Chocolate relay

Form two teams and prepare 2 bowls of wrapped chocolates. Give each team a pair of mittens. The first person in line runs to the bowl of chocolates and has to unwrap one, wearing the mittens, and eat it. The person then runs back to their team and hands over to a second person. The winning team is the first to finish their bowl of chocolates.

2. What does it mean?

Give each guest a piece of paper and a pencil. The host of the evening selects 10 difficult words from the dictionary. The guests have to write down what they think each word means and the person with the closest definition is awarded 1 point. The person with the most points at the end of the game wins.

3. Santa's hat

Everyone must wear a Santa hat. The only rule of the game is that no one can remove their hat until you do. Let the evening unfold and gradually people will look away from you. At that point, take your hat off. Gradually, people will do the same. The last person to have their hat on loses the game.

4. Who is hiding in the hat?

Give everyone slips of paper with names of celebrities on them. Put all the papers in a Santa hat and have one member of the first team draw. This person has to make his team guess the name of the celebrity he has drawn without mentioning his name. The team that finds the most names wins the game.

5. The living Christmas tree

Create two teams. Each team names one person to be the tree. Using paper, ornaments, bows, lights and anything else you can find, dress this person up to create a living Christmas tree. The team with the most beautiful Christmas tree wins.

6. Rudolph's plume

Each team receives a paper bag containing a pair of beige nylon stockings with a five-inch hole at belly height and cut feet, red ribbons, a red bow and 14 small balloons to blow up. One member of each team volunteers to be Rudolph. This person puts the nylon stocking over their head with their face in the hole. The team blows the balloons and threads them through the openings in each leg to create the plume. The ribbons and bow are used for decoration. The team that creates the most beautiful reindeer wins the game.

7. Santa's beard

Fill a bowl with cotton wools and get some Vaseline. Apply Vaseline to the chin of each team member. The first team member runs to the bowl of cotton wools and sticks as many as possible on their chin. He runs back to his team to hand over to another person. The first team to finish wins. Make sure you have a camera so you can keep memories of your guests with their beards!

8. The Christmas maze

Get a ball of wool for each child and attach a small surprise to the end. Hide the surprise somewhere in the house and unravel the ball of wool by passing it through the rooms of the house. Tie a pencil to the other end. Give each child a ball of yarn. They can wrap the string around the pencil until they find the surprise.

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