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World Cerebral Palsy Day - 6th October

World Cerebral Palsy Day is celebrated around the world on 6 October, a day dedicated to patients with cerebral palsy and their families, with the aim of raising awareness of their needs and giving them the support they need. #WorldCerebralPalsyDay

Motto 2021: 168 hours

The ASPACE Confederation, which is in charge of the campaign in Spain, is spreading the slogan "168 hours" this year. This is the number of hours per week that a person with cerebral palsy needs help to live his or her life.

The campaign is therefore aimed not only at supporting patients but also their families, as in many cases, the main support is provided by a member of the family of the patient with great needs.

Campaigns from previous years - 2020 Campaign: A Better Future

In 2020, ASPACE created a campaign on social networks with the slogan "A better future" with a double objective:

To ensure equality for people with cerebral palsy and not to discriminate against them.

To alleviate the economic pressure on families who often have to make large outlays to adapt their homes and access appropriate treatments.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the families of people with this condition have borne the burden of care, as many of the centres have closed and the public resources available to people with cerebral palsy have diminished.

Thus, through this campaign they wanted to raise awareness of the decrease in quality of life suffered by patients, raise awareness and demand solutions from governments to ensure the future of these families.