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Bucket List: Ideas for writing it

Skydiving, going around the world or starting your own business... all these things we'd like to do "before we die" pile up in a corner of our heads. And then, as time goes by, we start to regret not having achieved our dreams or goals...

To make your plans a reality, many psychologists attest to the usefulness of writing a list to start a new dynamic within yourself. Writing this list, called a Bucket List, is exciting, and allows you to get to know yourself better. To help you write it, here are ideas that may awaken your own dreams. Get inspired, formulate your wishes and make the great decision to make them come true. You can use the article How to create a Bucket List to help you write it.

Go on a long bike ride
Long-distance cycling
Dog sledding in Lapland
Participate in the festival of colours in India
Cross a desert by camel
Roadtrip in Iceland
Horseback riding in the pampas of Argentina
Floating in the Dead Sea
Celebrate St Patrick's Day in Ireland
Take a gondola ride
Seeing rice fields
See the Northern Lights
See penguins in their natural habitat
Cycling in the Netherlands
Picking rice
Digging for gold in the Yukon
Sending a message to the sea from the North Pole
Treading on grapes during the harvest
Seeing a sunset in the desert
Dive into a cenote
Set foot on the equator
Sleeping in a hut over the water
Taste parmeggiano cheese in Italy
Explore Quebec
Discovering Tibet
Discover the steppes of Mongolia
Climb an active volcano
Try to spot the Loch Ness monster in Scotland
Climb Kilimanjaro
Touch the glaciers in New Zealand
Sailing on Lake Titicaca
Explore the Amazon jungle
See the midnight sun in Norway
Visit a redwood forest


Star gazing with a guide
Build a hut
Sleep in a yurt
Take photography classes
Doing humanitarian missions
Learning a dance with my partner
Make fire with wood, flint
Building a raft
Harpoon fishing
Sleeping in an igloo
Learning to sew
Taking a mud bath
Keeping friends
Telling your loved ones you love them
Diving under the ice
Riding a steam train
Raising dogs
Experience eco-volunteering
Eat pizza in Italy
Tango dancing in Argentina
Party in Las Vegas
Visit Yellowstone Park
Experience the Thai Festival of Lights
Walk a little piece of the Great Wall of China
Attend the Rio carnival
Visit the Taj-Mahal
Throw tomatoes at the La Tomatina festival in Spain
Make a wish at the Trevi Fountain in Rome
Cross the USA from east to west
See the Kremlin
Visit Easter Island
Party in Cancun
Crossing Russia on the Trans-Siberian Railway
Cross Australia in a van
Travelling through South America on two wheels


Writing a children's book
Writing a short story and entering it in a competition
Go paragliding
Go skydiving
Go surfing
Take a hot air balloon ride
Open a shop
Open a restaurant
Open a gîte
Start a family
Go scuba diving
Start my own business
Change someone's life
Learn to rescue
Get a boat licence
Get a motorbike licence
Attend a flying lantern release
Volunteer in an association
Plant a tree
Learn a language
See an aurora borealis
Give a lecture
Sleep under the stars on a beach
Set foot on each of the continents
Go skydiving
Bungee jumping
Have my own show
Learn a musical instrument
Keep a diary
Run a marathon
Climb Mont Blanc
Go on an expedition to the North Pole
Learn to draw
Buy a bus and refurbish it
Live like a shepherd
Make a film
See a geyser
Take a bath in a natural pool
Teaching abroad


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