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Fichas Infantiles en Inglés para Aprender a leer

A Newcomer

Miss Adams: Mrs Smith, let me introduce you to Mrs jonhson, the director.
Mrs Smith: How do you do Mrs jonhson?
Mrs jonhson: How do you do Mrs Smith? Welcome to our company.
Mrs Smith: Thank you.
Mrs Jonhson: I see you already know my personal secretary, Miss Adams. And this is Mr Lancaster; he’s our sales representative in London and he’s going to stay with us for a couple of weeks.
Mrs Smith: How do you do Mr Lancaster?
Mr Lancaster: How do you do Mrs Smith? Welcome again.
Mrs Smith: Thank you.
Mrs Jonhson: Miss Adams, please, could you show Mrs Smith to her office?
Miss Adams: Yes, of course. Will you follow me Mrs Smith?

Answer the following questions:

1 – Substitute the words in brackets for possessive adjectives: (Sustituir las palabras con paréntesis por adjetivos posesivos).

Could you show Mrs Smith to (she) office?
Welcome to (we) company.
He is (they) sales representative in Germany.
Could you show Mr Wilson (he) office?

2 - Substitute the underlined words for object pronouns: (Sustituir las palabras subrayadas).

Could you show Mrs Smith to her office?
Could you show Mr Wilson to his office?
Could you introduce me to Mr Wilson and Mr Jonhson?
Could you introduce me to Mrs Wilson and me to the manager of the firm?