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Recursos Educativos en inglés - Worksheets Reading

Fichas Infantiles en Inglés para Aprender a leer

The job interview

Interviewer: Now, Mrs Adams. Have you got any previous experience as a sales representative?

Mrs Adams: Yes, of course. I was a sales manager in an English company four years ago. We had a very important rise in sales according to the graphs during my stay there.

Interviewer: Hmm, that's very interesting. How many languages can you speak?

Mrs Adams: Well, I can speak English, French, Italian, Russian, Portuguese and, of course, Spanish.

Interviewer: I see... Are you familiar with personal computers?

Mrs Adams: Well, I can work with Word, Access, Excel and Power Point.

Interviewer: Oh, yes. That's on your curriculum vitae. That's quite satisfactory. Well, Mrs García, we'll let you know.

Mrs Adams: Thank you very much.

Answer the following questions:

Contesta estas preguntas siguiendo las pistas que se dan entre paréntesis.

Have you got any previous experience as a personal secretary? (yes / personnel secretary / French company / six months ago)

How many languajes can you speak? (Italian / Portuguese / Spanish)

Are you familiar with personal computers? (Word / Excel)

Would you like to know anything else about the job? (No / everything /clear / thanks)

Associate the columns:

Well, Mr Adams. We'll let you know - - - - I'm afraid I can't.

Can you work with a PC? - - - - - - - - - - - Of course, I have.

Can you speak Italian?- - - - - - - - - - - - - Thank you very much.

Have you got any previous experience?- - I have a good command of Word and Access.