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What documentation should I bring with me to the UK? ¿Qué documentación debo llevar al Reino Unido?

If you intend to go to the UK to work, it is advisable to bring the following documents:

♦ Valid passport. Please note that if you are travelling with a Passport that you have reported lost or stolen to the Police, even if you have subsequently recovered it, from the moment of the report, this document becomes invalid and CANNOT be used for travel. The British Police are very strict in this regard and will immediately confiscate the Passport at entry control and it cannot be recovered, requiring the issuance of emergency travel documentation.

♦ Criminal Record Certificate: This is mainly required for professions related to childcare or health care. It can be requested through the website of the Ministry of Justice.

Important: When the criminal record certificate is to be effective abroad, it needs to be legalised. The country of destination of the document must be indicated in the application (single legalisation or Hague Apostille). However, as of 16 February 2019, in cases where the country of destination is another EU Member State, negative criminal record certificates and documents issued by Civil Registries, including consular ones, are exempt from legalisation or apostille.

♦ Academic and professional qualifications.

♦ Professional references (letters of recommendation from companies or institutions in which you have worked, stating the position of responsibility held, period, etc.).

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