Stew - Puchero canario - Gastronomía Canaria

Stew - Puchero canario

Put plenty of water into a cauldron and then add: one kilo of beef, another kilo of pork meat or chicken. Three quarters of a kilo of chickpeas (put them to soak the night before) a big piece of  sausage (chorizo), one peeled onion, cut in two, two sliced corncobs, salt and a bit of oil.

Let it boil until it is all half-cooked, then add half a kilo of pumpkin, cut into pieces, one chopped courgette, two carrots, one piece of yam, one handful of green beans and half a cabbage also cut into pieces. After half an hour, add one kilo of peeled and whole potatoes and three quarters of a kilo of sweet potatoes. Let it all boil until potatoes are done. Then, mash some saffron, three garlic cloves, salt and two cloves. Put it into the cauldron, stir it and let it boil once more. Before serving it, let it settle for a long while.