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Rabbit with 'Salmorejo' Sauce - Conejo en salmorejo

Rabbit with 'Salmorejo' Sauce - Conejo en salmorejo

Take a rabbit of more than one kilo of weight and cut it into small pieces. Put them into a clay dish, after having salted them slightly.

For the 'salmorejo' sauce, mash one spoonful of cooking salt, six garlic cloves, half a teaspoon of paprika and one sliced hot pepper. Then add some oil and vinegar. Stir it and spread it over the meat. Pour one glass of white wine, a laurel leaf, rosemary and thyme at the top of it. Stir everything and let it settle from four to eight hours. After that time, fry the pieces and put them into another dish. Once they are fried, heat the remaining 'salmorejo' and pour it over the fried rabbit. Let it all boil and serve.