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20 June, Yellow Day, The happiest day of the year

The happiest day of the year has arrived, YELLOW DAY!

This 20th of June, you probably woke up a little brighter. This morning you took a refreshing shower and a coffee with a particularly optimistic air, and don't be surprised, because today is Yellow Day, the happiest day of the year.

In contrast to the saddest day of the year, the third Monday in January, Yellow Day is a day that is statistically proven to be the happiest of all, bringing together various events that make for a happy and cheerful day.

Weather, economic and social factors come together on this day to create the ideal formula for the happiest day of the year.

A better temperature

According to the statistics of tiempo.es meteorologists, June enjoys a stable temperature of around 21ºC, a pleasant temperature that is neither excessively hot nor excessively cold, allowing us to fully enjoy a very satisfactory climate.

In addition, June is usually the rainiest month of the whole summer (June, July and August), which also refreshes our environment, purifies the air and fills the water reserves for the whole season.

The holidays are fast approaching

Is there anything better than planning a summer holiday? Sea or mountains, city or country, any choice is good, because in June we already look forward to the holidays, and planning them adds to the motivation.

Being on the lookout for destinations to visit, such as Morocco, Brazil, Cuba, the Philippines or anywhere else in the world, is synonymous with happiness. Imagining yourself on its beaches, walking its streets or enjoying the cultures of these places makes everyone smile with happiness.

We are also happy to think of the family and friends who live far away with whom we will spend time again. Counting the days until you can see your loved ones again is something that cannot be explained.

More hours of sunshine

The days are getting longer and we have more hours of sunlight to enjoy outdoor activities. The sun plays a very important role on the human body, its light makes our body produce serotonin, the happiness producing hormone.

The direct influence of the sun's rays on our state of mind, the way we fall asleep and the energy we have is more than proven. Sunshine is one of the best medicines for your mood, and now we have more of it than ever.

The intensive summer day

Many workers at this time of year start to benefit from the intensive summer working day, if we add to this the previous factor of having more hours of light per day, we end up with more free time to enjoy the afternoon.

Having more free time for fun gives us the option to disconnect from our daily problems and focus on what we really love. Of course, with more daylight hours and free time to plan outings, our social relationships improve and strengthen.

The extra summer pay

While not everyone benefits from this last factor, many are lucky enough to receive extra pay before the summer. This extra money is a factor that helps to increase happiness levels, directly affecting our mood.

Many people wait for this extra pay so they can send money to their families in other countries. And being able to help your loved ones is one of the things you can do to make them happy.

Without a doubt, 20 June, Yellow Day, has earned its well-deserved title as the happiest day of the year. With more free time for you and your loved ones, good weather, more hours of sunshine, holidays nearby and more money, it's a perfect formula for being happy, in a good mood and most of all for being happy! 😁😁 #YellowDay