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World Bicycle Day

 On 12 April 2018, the United Nations General Assembly proclaims 3 June as World Bicycle Day, in recognition of the uniqueness, longevity and versatility of the bicycle, which has been in use for more than two centuries. The General Assembly also highlights the advantages of the bicycle as a simple, economical, reliable, environmentally friendly and sustainable means of transport that promotes health for all.

The United Nations recently highlighted cycling as essential to the ecological transition in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) recalled that investing in pedestrians and cyclists - who make up the majority of a city's citizens - can save lives, as well as help protect the environment and reduce poverty.

The UCI is also delighted to be part of a global solidarity movement to be launched on 3 June by the NGO World Bicycle Relief (WBR). This organisation brings people together through the "power of bicycles", manufacturing and distributing purpose-built, sturdy bicycles assembled in recipient countries. They are then distributed to students, health professionals, entrepreneurs and workers in rural areas, where getting around is a challenge in itself.

#CyclingActsofKindness celebrates a simple idea: an act of kindness can change the world. What better day than today to spread kindness on two wheels? The concept couldn't be simpler. World Bicycle Relief is asking people around the world to:

  • Get on your bike and go do a good deed.

Deliver a meal to a friend, collect food for a neighbour, plant a tree? Have fun and spread joy all around you! (respecting local social distancing guidelines, of course).

  • Share your story on social media via #CyclingActsofKindness, #WorldBicycleDay, #3JuneWorldBicycleDay

To show the world the image of the goodness of cycling.

  • Encourage your friends and family to follow the trend.

By taking the decision to cycle, thousands of people spread the good every day, all over the world. They may be motivated by personal reasons (health, freedom, independence), by the environment (an active and sustainable means of transport rather than a motorised one) or by the desire to help others (visiting a friend, running errands for the family, taking their children to play in the park). The aim of this campaign is to give visibility to and celebrate these acts of kindness around the world by bringing together cyclists and stories of great social impact.