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Come to my party


My name is Pete and I’m six years old, but tomorrow is my birthday, so tomorrow I’ll be seven years old; I want to celebrate my birthday. I’ll prepare a great party and I’ll invite all my friends and school mates. I’m sure I’ll get wonderful presents. My mother is going to bake a delicious chocolate birthday cake and I’ll blow seven candles. We will dance we will sing funny songs and play a lot of cool games. It will be a fantastic party. We will have great fun. Do you want to come to my party? You are invited.

Comprehension questions:

  • When is Pete’s birthday?
  • How old is Pete today? And tomorrow?
  • What are they going to do at the party?
  • How any candles is Pete going to blow?
  • What are they going to eat?

We think

Qué expresiones utilizarías para felicitar el cumpleaños?

  1. Happy birthday to you
  2. Thank you very much
  3. I like your party
  4. My best wishes for your birthday
  5. Thanks for coming to my party