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The Haunted House, Halloween Poems for Kids

Poesías en inglés Halloween - Recursos Educativos en Inglés - Poems in English

The Haunted House stands tall and foreboding amidst the mist and eerie glow. Whispers in the wind do flow, of secrets kept behind its door. This once grand home, now lies abandoned and forgotten, its walls and floors creaking with each passing moment. The tales of death and tragedy that surround it have left a permanent mark on its halls, and only the bravest of souls dare to step inside. But for those who do, there is a story waiting to be told, a mystery to unravel, and perhaps even peace to be found where fear once took hold.

The Haunted House 🎃

Amidst the mist and eerie glow,
Stands a house of haunted lore,
Whispers in the wind do flow,
Of secrets kept behind its door.

The windows shattered, doors ajar,
Yet none dare step inside,
For fear of what lurks in the dark,
And what secrets it may hide.

The walls do creak, the floors do moan,
As ghosts roam free in the halls,
Their mournful cries do echo alone,
In this house where darkness falls.

Tales of death and tragedy,
Are whispered in hushed tones,
Of families torn apart by malady,
And spirits left to roam.

Yet still, some are drawn to the place,
To unravel the mystery within,
To face the ghosts with steady grace,
And lay the haunting to its end.

For in this house of haunted past,
Lies a story waiting to be told,
And those who dare to uncover it at last,
May find peace where fear once took hold.

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The Haunted House may be a place of fear and terror for some, but for others, it is a story waiting to be told. It holds secrets and mysteries that have yet to be uncovered, and those who dare to explore its dark halls may find answers to questions they never knew they had. While the ghosts may roam free and the walls may creak with each passing moment, there is a sense of intrigue and wonder that draws people to this place, to unravel the story behind the haunting. And who knows, perhaps in the end, the Haunted House may finally find the peace it has been seeking all along.