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Turismo en Tenerife

  • Accommodation - Turismo en Tenerife - Tourism in Tenerife

    Accommodation - Turismo en Tenerife - Tourism in Tenerife

    Alojamientos, contiene información sobre los hoteles, apartamentos, casas rurales, etc. Que puedes encontrar en los diferentes municipios de Tenerife. 


    Gran Hotel Bahía del Duque

    Av. Bruselas, s/n
    38660 Costa Adeje  
    Tfno. 922746900

    Sheraton La Caleta Resort & SPA

    La Enramada, 9
    38679 La Caleta . Adeje 
    Tfno. 922162000

    La Plantación del Sur Vincci Selección

  • Adeje - Turismo en Tenerife - Tourism in Tenerife

    Adeje - Turismo en Tenerife - Tourism in Tenerife

    This municipality is located on the southwest of Tenerife. Recently, the coast, known as Costa Adeje, has undergone a major development of its hotel infrastructure, which is of an extremely high quality and where the tourist facilities have endowed the area with everything it needs to ensure that it retains its great beauty. Under its administration lie some of the island´s main tourist resorts, such as San Eugenio, Fañabé, Playa del Duque and part of the very popular Playa de Las Américas.
    An average annual temperature of 23 degrees centigrade and full day- and night-time leisure facilities add to the appeal of this southern zone. The area has a surprising wealth of marine fauna, with one of the world´s most important colonies of cetaceans. Pilot whales, dolphins and other species of marine mammals can be seen off its shores, providing a natural spectacle that can be viewed from the numerous boats that offer excursions to observe them swimming in their natural habitat. 
    Two championship level golf courses complete the range of leisure activities on offer in the area.

  • Experience the Magic of the World-Famous Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife!

    Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife - Turismo en Tenerife - Tourism in Tenerife

  • Los Realejos - Turismo en Tenerife - Tourism in Tenerife

    realejos 01

    In the north of Tenerife, in the Orotava valley, is Los Realejos, a municipal district with thirty five thousand inhabitants, which contains an enormous variety of attractions which await your discovery. Five protected landscapes, a coastline dotted with tiny bays with beaches of exotic black volcanic sand, traditions jealously guarded over the centuries and the friendliness of the people: this is the temptation that the Los Realejos district puts in the path of its thousands of visitors.

    There are two important historical events which have given fame and prestige to Los Realejos; firstly, this was the birthplace of the illustrious and  wide ranging Canarian  writer, José de Viera y Clavijo, and secondly, this was the place where the final surrender of the Tenerife natives took place, resulting in the definitive incorporation of the island to the Kingdom of Castille in 1496.  

     The town bears witness to a splendid past in the historical buildings of considerable architectural interest which survive, including both religious and lay constructions. Outstanding examples of the former are the churches of St James the Apostle (1496), the Immaculate Conception (1512) and other smaller churches and chapels of the 16th and 17th Centuries, such as the Churches of  Tigaiga, La Cruz Santa, Icod el Alto and la Gorvorana, which are located in different parts of the municipal district. 

  • Los Silos - Turismo en Tenerife - Tourism in Tenerife

     playa agua dulce los silos

    What is now the Town of Los Silos was founded in the territory of the pre-Hispanic kingdom of Daute, located in the north-west angle of Tenerife. Although the Tow´s founding act is not documented, the origin of Los Silos is closely linked to Portuguese land-owner Gonzalo Yanes, who owned local land from the late 15th  century on, although the name of  Los Silos appears for the first time in a royal charter dated 1509. The origin of this nomenclature refers to the three cereal deposits built by Gonzalo Yanes, who was also in charge of the old Daute mill, rented from the captain general, Alonso Fernández de Lugo, located on the Los Silos coast, with a chiminy stack that continues to stand as living testimony of the past. From 1502 on, the population experienced rapid growth thanks to the increasing importance of Garachico's port. In mid-century, the population of Los Silos totalled a hundred inhabitants.

  • Restaurants - Turismo en Tenerife - Tourism in Tenerife

    Restaurants - Turismo en Tenerife - Tourism in Tenerife

    Restaurantes, contiene información sobre donde comer en diferentes municipios de Tenerife 



    H. Gran Tacande C/ Alcalde Walter Paetzmann, s/n
    38660 Costa Adeje  
    Phone: 922746400

  • Santa Cruz de Tenerife - Turismo en Tenerife - Tourism in Tenerife

     Santa Cruz de Tenerife - Turismo en Tenerife - Tourism in Tenerife

    History of the City

    Before the arrival of the Castilian conquerors, the territory where today it is based the city was constituted by zones of wild vegetation pertaining to the menceyato (kingdom) of Anaga, that governed the Mencey Beneharo. The pre-Hispanic history of the city is carried out by the legacy of guanches and some foreign expeditions that arrived at the coast. In 1494, in one of these trips, they arrived the Castilians and they established in Santa Cruz the camping bases for the conquest of the island, that extended until 1496, year in which Tenerife was incorporated to Corona of Castile.

  • Tourist Routes - Turismo en Tenerife - Tourism in Tenerife

    Tourist Routes - Turismo en Tenerife - Tourism in Tenerife

    Rutas Turísticas, contiene información sobre senderos y paseos, para que puedas explorar cada rincón de la isla.


    Boat trips

    It is one of the main attractions of our area, the possibility to navigate watching whales and dolphins closely. 

    Thanks to the characteristics and cleanliness of our waters, we can find a colony of pilot whales, consisting of about 250 individuals,  that can be watched at any time of the year. 

    In addition, boat rental, excursions, deep sea fishing... The possibilities are endless in our waters.