Robin Schulz feat. Alida – In Your Eyes

Letra en inglés y Vídeo de la canción, In Your Eyes - Robin Schulz feat. Alida

Hearing whispers in the night
Voices filling up your mind
Your like a ghost of you

You’ve been drowning in the rain
Slowly saving up the pain
So deep inside of you

See the colors of the skies
slowly turn from black and white
A rising hope, bright as gold
Now there’s nothing left to lose
So we’re breakin all the rules
And they don’t know what we know

Cause I can hear
The thunder from afar
A lightning in the dark
I can feel a fire come alive
So calm before the storm
So dark before the dawn
Oh, I can see the fire in your eyes

Now you’ll never be the same
Once you’ve felt that burning flame
You’re chasing stars alive

What was broken’s left behind
watch it crumble in the light
Nothing can stop you now,

Robin Schulz feat. Alida – In Your Eyes - lyrics