very good rise sales

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A very good rise in sales


Mr Robinson: The consumption of our goods has increased in the last two weeks. We have had a very good rise in sales; this is a very good news. Foreign companies are demanding our products because they consider that our prices are the best in the market. I strongly think that maintaining our prices is sour best investment. Do you agree with me?

Mr Cooper: Yes, that’s just what I think.

Ms Peterson: Excuse me, Mr Robinson.

Mr Robinson: Yes, Ms Peterson?

Ms Peterson: I agree with you on the whole, but there are certain points that I would like to discuss.

Mr Robinson: Go on Ms Peterson.

Ms Peterson: Well, it’s true that our prices are the best in the market, but the thing is that we are selling our products at a very low Price, and our supplies are decreasing more and more. Besides, our income has not varied from former years and…

Mr Robinson: I don’t agree with you at all Ms Peterson.


Eso es exactamente lo que pienso.

Estoy de acuerdo con casi todo pero hay algunos puntos que me gustaría discutir.

No estoy de acuerdo con usted en absoluto.


Existen otras expresiones, con las que también podemos expresar un cierto grado de acuerdo o desacuerdo; por ejemplo: