my office

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My office


Hello, friends! I’m Anna Sullivan. I’m a personal secretary. And this is my office. As you can see, there are a lot of things in it: there is a personal compute ron my desk; there is a calculator near the PC, on the left; there is a coffe pot bay the PC, on the right. There are also some sales files on the shelves against the Wall and some filing cabinets. Opposite my desk, there is another desk with some telephones and a typewriter.


  • Where is everything?

E.g.: (PC / desk / chair) The PC i son the desk, in front of the chair.

(calculator / desk / coffee pot)

(sales files / shelf)

(filing cabinets / Wall)

(wastepaper basket / table)

(trays / shelf / sales files)

(telephone / desk / left)


  • There is a personal compute ron the desk.
  • There is a calculator near the photocopier.
  • There is a coffee pot by the telephones.
  • There is another desk opposite to the filing cabinet.
  • There is a wastepaper basket under the desk.
  • There are some sales files on the shelf on the left.
  • There are some shelves against the Wall on the right.


The person who directs an organization is __________

The person who deals with the employees is _________

The person who prepares letters and arranges meetings is _________

The person who looks after the affairs of one person is ________

The person who receives people arriving at the office is __________

The person who controls sales is _________

The person who sells godos to businesses or homes is _________

The person who helps the sales manager is _________

Put in order the following sentences

Wastepaper is a basket the in front of desk There

Pot the near telephones two coffee are There

Files some There sales shelf on the are

Wall against is a chair There the


  • Stationery: material de oficina
  • Ball-point pen: bolígrafo
  • Blackboard: pizarra
  • Correcting fluid: líquido corrector
  • Folder: carpeta
  • Glue: pegamento
  • Keyboard: teclado
  • Leaf: folio
  • Paper clip: sujetapapeles
  • Pencil: lápiz
  • Rubber: goma
  • Photocopier: fotocopiadora
  • Tray: bandeja para folios
  • Noticeboard: tablón de anuncios
  • Coffee pot: cafetera