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 describing products

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Describing products

Mr Willians: Ms Jones, please. Would you mind taking notes? I need to send a letter to our sales manager about our new product. Are you ready?

Ms Jones: Yes, Mr Willians.

Mr Willians: Dear Mrs O’Hara. As you already know, we have always believed in the power of modern technology, and we can affirm, without any doubts, that the technology of our new car is highly sophisticated. Apart from that, it is reliabe, safe, quiet and efficient. I strongly believ that should be the tone of your speech in your next meeting with our future customers.

  1. Which features would you choose for the following products?

Quiet - safe - efficient - Easy maintenance - sophisticated technology – confortable

  • A car:
  • A washing machine:
  • A beauty product:
  • A personal computer: