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Los Silos

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     playa agua dulce los silos

    What is now the Town of Los Silos was founded in the territory of the pre-Hispanic kingdom of Daute, located in the north-west angle of Tenerife. Although the Tow´s founding act is not documented, the origin of Los Silos is closely linked to Portuguese land-owner Gonzalo Yanes, who owned local land from the late 15th  century on, although the name of  Los Silos appears for the first time in a royal charter dated 1509. The origin of this nomenclature refers to the three cereal deposits built by Gonzalo Yanes, who was also in charge of the old Daute mill, rented from the captain general, Alonso Fernández de Lugo, located on the Los Silos coast, with a chiminy stack that continues to stand as living testimony of the past. From 1502 on, the population experienced rapid growth thanks to the increasing importance of Garachico's port. In mid-century, the population of Los Silos totalled a hundred inhabitants.