Recipes of Canarias

  • Coriander Mojo - Mojo de Cilantro - Gastronomía Canaria

    Coriander mojo - Mojo de cilantro

    Mash the cloves of one garlic bulb with a green hot pepper, or a little bit of it, without the seeds. Add cumin, coriander and cooking salt to this mixture. Then, add slowly the oil and the vinegar. Keep it in a fresh place or in the fridge. This 'mojo' is good for fish.

  • Eggs Moles - Huevos Moles - Gastronomía Canaria

    Eggs Moles - Huevos moles

    There are several ways of cooking this recipe, but they have all the same base: two spoonfuls of sugar per yolk. Put some sugar into a dish and double the volume of water to make a very sweet syrup.

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  • Meat Feast - Carne Fiesta - Gastronomía Canaria

    Meat feast - Carne fiesta

    Chop one kilo of pork meat very finely. Prepare a marinade with six garlic cloves, cooking salt, a few spoons of cayenne pepper, a little bit of hot pepper, a little bit of strong white wine, vinegar and oil.

  • Rabbit with 'Salmorejo' Sauce - Conejo en salmorejo

    Rabbit with 'Salmorejo' Sauce - Conejo en salmorejo

    Take a rabbit of more than one kilo of weight and cut it into small pieces. Put them into a clay dish, after having salted them slightly.

  • Red mojo - Mojo Rojo - Gastronomía Canaria

    Red mojo - Mojo Rojo

    Mash six garlic cloves, half a spoon of cumin and a bit of cooking salt. When everything is properly mashed, add some hot pepper (guindilla).

  • Ribs with potatoes - Costillas con papas

    Ribs with potatoes - Costillas con papas

    Desalt the ribs (at least one kilo for six people) covering them with water the day before. Then put them into a cauldron with plenty of water and let them boil for about half an hour.

  • Roast leg of pork - Pata asada - Gastronomía Canaria

    Roast leg of pork - Pata asada

    The ham must be left in brine for a while (depending on its weight) before the elaboration of this recipe.

  • Sancocho - Gastronomía Canaria - Recipes of Canarias


    Take a kilo of sweet potatoes and another of potatoes, peel them and cut them into big pieces. If potatoes are not big enough, don't cut them. Then take a kilo of cherne or salted corvina, previously desalted.

  • Stew - Puchero canario - Gastronomía Canaria

    Stew - Puchero canario

    Put plenty of water into a cauldron and then add: one kilo of beef, another kilo of pork meat or chicken. Three quarters of a kilo of chickpeas (put them to soak the night before) a big piece of  sausage (chorizo), one peeled onion, cut in two, two sliced corncobs, salt and a bit of oil.

  • Wrinkled potatoes - Papas arrugadas

    Wrinkled potatoes - Papas arrugadas

    There are several ways of cooking 'papas arrugadas' (wrinkled potatoes). This is one of the easiest ways. Cover the potatoes with peel but properly washed with water and add a quarter of a kilo of salt for each kilo of potatoes.